Monday, February 1, 2010

Loren on her 50th birthday: Service above all


Among the activities held was a jobs fair, with local and even foreign employers on hand to entertain jobseekers and receive job applications.

“We are delivering services to the people and I’m happy because that’s what the people want. It’s not enough that you speak onstage and feed the people. There were many young people in attendance, even registered nurses and accounting graduates looking for jobs. They are graduates of good schools. They really need jobs. We’re doing job matching,” Loren said.

Apart from the jobs fair, Loren conducted an Eye Camp with free eye check-ups and free eyeglasses for senior citizens. Also on hand were doctors and dentists to render medical and dental services.

A staunch environmentalist, Loren also showed documentaries on climate change to San Pablo City residents.
“All this is part of Lingkod Loren. We will also do this in Iloilo next week,” Loren disclosed.
Interviewed on radio about the Expanded Senior Citizens Act which she authored, Loren said: “I hope the President signs it. We put in a lot of hard work here. I filed that in the Senate two years ago. We must be fair because the original discount for senior citizens is 20 percent. When we had E-VAT, this was reduced to 8 percent. We corrected this so senior citizens can enjoy the full 20% discount.”

As to Malacañang’s reported hesitance to sign the bill because it could reduce revenues, Loren replied: “If we have better tax collection they can easily offset the losses. My point here is, we’re just being fair to the senior citizens’ sector. It’s about time we give senior citizens who are in their twilight years all the benefits and privileges they deserve.”

On the anticipated prolonged dry spell caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon, Legarda urged government to immediately rehabilitate existing irrigation facilities and put up small water impounding dams.
“We must conserve and recycle water to avert a water crisis. Let us not wait for March or April. We must also plant more trees in various areas,” Loren said.

“We must have alternative livelihood for farmers who stand to be adversely affected by the drought. If our farmers have lower production, they will earn less income,” Loren added.

“The election campaign is a good opportunity to discuss environmental issues. The candidates will be asked: What have you done for the environment? How many trees have you planted? What laws have you passed for the environment? What have you done for the farmers? What livelihood programs have you put up? These are the questions our people will ask during the campaign, and we should answer them,” Loren said.



  1. Yes, students who graduated need good jobs and thats a very impressive idea that you conducted jobsfair for the people. ALso, the senior citizens deserve to get the benefits that they need. I hope they will aprrove your proposal. it would be a great help and a big convenience..

  2. wow!!! IMPRESSIVE sen, loren,.., THUMBS UP tlga kami sainyo. hindi lang kami sa bilib at talino niyo bilib isa din ang bibigay pagasa sa mga taong gustong magkaroon ng magandang tarabaho to have their better future that they're hoping for... SALUDO kami sayo sen. loren.

  3. What a meaningful way to celebrate your birthday. Instead of indulging in lavish feasts and expensive gifts, Sen. Loren chose to help her people in this special occassion. Not to mention she's still spreading the word about climate change. Through small, simple acts like these, she's already changing the lives of the people in her hometown. This shows her humility, how humble a person she really is, and her dedication to her advocacies.

  4. wow this shows, How good is senator loren to the people she is very concern to thier fellows, were happy of what she did coz many jobless people in our community and with that jobfair the people who hav no job are lessen. and it has a great help for those whon are qualified for the job they applied. thanks senator manalo talaga kayo sa may election. Your such a good role model to everybody especially the politician whose just looking for thier own needs. and those who keep on critizising other candidates without internalizing if that would be good to them. Senator loren legarda is different to all of them coz shes just doing the best for the people and the country.

  5. that's tthe true meaning of public service and sen. loren is the best description of a public servant!! :D

  6. Eto tlga ung mga bgay na kaylnga at gusto ng mga tao lalo na totoo tlga n mrming mga newly grads ngaun na un employed yung iba nmn underemployed pero naniniwala ko n sa tulong ni sen loren eh mababwasa at mgbabgo din ang buhay nting mga mhihrap

  7. kwawa nmn ang mga lolo't lola ntin kung di pa pipirmahan ni pres. arroyo ung batas na nageexmpt sa mga senior citizens sa extnded value added tax kc ipmbibili n lng nila ng mga gmot nila ibabyad sa e-vat n yan be considerate nmn po khit konti lng po icipin nyo n lng magiging matanda din tayong lhat at in the near future eh tayo din nmn ang mkikinabang sa bill na to

  8. imbes na c madame loren ang bgyan ng regalo dhil sabirthday nya siya pa yung nmigay ng mga regalo sa mga tao, napanood ko pa sa wowowee nung birthday nya ang dami nyang public schools na bingyan ng mga computer packages at yung isang student papagaralin nya pa ng nursing wowowee tlga

  9. totoong lingkod loren tlga ang gling mdami n nmn natulungan c senator loren she knows what is the main problems of our country and she really wants all the best for us

  10. bihira na lng ang mga taong gnito sa panhaon nagyon yung tumutulong nga taos sa puso at tunay n may malsakit sa kpawa niya lalo na sa mga kakandidato kramihan kc sa knila puro pkitang tao lang pero si senator loren super mega duper sincere tlga sapgtulong at sa lhat ng bgay na gngwa nya lalo na yung mga bgay na mkakabuti sa bayan at mga kbabayan nya.