Monday, February 1, 2010

Oscillating Loren says coup vs Enrile hatched mid January

Sen. Loren Legarda, the running mate of presidential candidate Sen. Manuel Villar Jr., denied being privy to what she called a “rumored” plot to oust Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile but in a slip of the tongue revealed that the coup was planned on Jan. 14 and 15, three days before it was unveiled on Jan. 18.

The coup was obviously hatched by Villar’s supporters to block deliberations on the floor of a committee report that finds Villar “guilty” of questionable funding on the C-5 road extension project.

Legarda, however, stood by Villar even going to the extent of saying that the matter, in which she actively participated in the past, is now turning out to be a political persecution by her peers.

Appearing as a guest in the weekly Kapihan sa Senado, Legarda, made a slip of the tongue when she said she was “out of town” on the crucial days of Jan. 14 and 15, when she said the alleged reorganization of the upper chamber was being plotted.

Reports on planned ouster of Enrile came out only on Tuesday, Jan. 18, and that Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri himself relayed to reporters that Enrile became aware of it on that same day only.

“I was in Cebu , I went to seven towns (at that time). I was everywhere. So whatever rumors there were, remain to be rumors because I was out of reach in my cell phone. We were everywhere so I’m not familiar with any such rumor,” she said.

Legarda, despite her alliance with Villar who is Nacionalista Party (NP) standard bearer and where she is a guest vice presidential candidate under her political party Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), said she is still with the majority bloc in the Senate. Villar is with the minority bloc.

“I’m with the majority. I’m still (with the) majority and there’s no reorganization,” she said even adding that she had talked to Enrile since the issue cropped up and that nothing has changed insofar as alliances in the upper chamber.

“I expect a conscience vote for everybody. I expect a vote based on truth and factual evidence, not based on politics and party stand,” she said.

Still Legarda claimed that Villar’s case is being used as a political tool by some of her colleagues but she refused to name them.

“I sympathize and I think we should not politically persecute Villar. It seems that it smacks of political persecution and the issues have been answered and duly addressed and I think there are proper institutions in government (that should deal with this kind of issue). It’s been answered already and clearly there was no factual evidence to point to any wrongdoing.

When asked about the call for Villar to appear in the Senate to face his accusers, Legarda cited a strong possibility next week, before they go into another round of recess.

“I think so. I think so but I cannot speak for my president,” he said.

Legarda maintained that despite the political tension in the Senate stirred by the C-5 road controversy, it is not affecting the campaign of Villar.

“I’m glad that there’s a temporary ceasefire. It’s not the first time that we have an acrimonious debate,” she said.

Legarda said she will continue to rally behind Villar regardless of what will become of the panel report on the latter.



  1. napanood ko yung hearing sa senado tungkol sa issue kay villar, nakakasama lang talga ng loob na naging lugar na para sa politika at namumulitika na yung mga senador. hindi ako makapaniwala na si jinggoy sinabihan pa si villar na gaya-gaya...tapos si jamby naiiyak iyak pa? kasi nga gusto talga niyang ipalabas na nanguha ng pera si villar? bakit ganoon hindi ko maintindihan bakit umiinit ang mga ganitong usapan basta malapit na eleksyon. bakit kailangan mag siraan. bakit kaialangan siraan ang kandidato. hindi ba dapat lahat ng bagay ipapaubaya na sa tao..hindi ung gagawa kau ng issue at eksena sa senado para lang mabrainwash ung mga isiping magnanakaw ang mga kapawa senador niyo...

  2. its really shocking how these elected senators would go to great lengths to cause the fall of other senators, even badmouthing one another in national TV. shame on them!!

    and its not a coincidence that this ruckus in the senate is happening just in time before the campaign season begins. perfect timing, right?

    they're just playing with the minds of the ordinary Filipinos, trying to gain their sympathy. but no, we Filipinos are smart enough and they won't get any votes from us. these vote-hungry senators are just gonna eat their own leftovers.

  3. I agree with crashintome. We're smart enough to choose our candidates this elections. I salute Sen. Loren for standing by her candidate. These senators should vote based on the given facts, and not on their political stand. Its nice that she's not being palengkera about this, unlike Jamby or Enrile. Nagkakapikunan na sila sa sobrang pamumulitika. Kahihiyan ang pinapakita nila sa taumbayan.

  4. senator loren Legarda is just true to herself and she doesnt want to argue for that monkey business topic. If they are aware of that for the past few years why is that there is no action immediately for that case ?why is that this days questions arise??its because gelection period they well destroy the name of the candidate. They are foolish instead of progress in our country is the main topic they are always rewinding the rumors issue thats why our country have no improvement until now.